For as long as I lived in Grand Rapids Toys For Tots and Catherine Behrendt are synonymous.   They go together, as Forrest Gump would say, like "peas and carrots." 

There's no better feeling than giving!  There just isn't!  I know we all live such busy lives but sometimes it's just so good to get outside of yourself, and get outside of your own little world especially for a child.  A child learns a lot by observing the world around them.  Let's get them off to a positive, hope filled, faith filled start.

Times are so tough in West Michigan and so many of the past Toys For Tots givers, are now on the other side, and they are the ones in need. 

If there is any way for you to purchase a special toy for a child please do so.  The deadline is December 14th with a distribution day of December 17th.  Remember your childhood Christmas?  Remember when someone stepped into the gap for you and helped out?  Please do something.  No child should be without a toy on Christmas morning.