I always thought the point of a disguise, while doing something illegal, was to NOT stand out, and make an impression. I must have been wrong.

This guy who robbed a Fifth Third bank in Cassopolis this week not only wore the most distinguishable, and recognizable "disguise" possible, he did it with flare, and irony SO blatant, it's impossible to ignore.

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Via the Village of Cassopolis Police Department:

"Village of Cassopolis Police Chief Todd McMichael reports that at 3:59 p.m. on Monday, February 27, 2023, a suspect entered Fifth Third Bank, 116 S. Broadway, Cassopolis, and demanded cash from a bank teller. After filling plastic grocery bags with cash, the suspect left on foot. Wearing a motorcycle helmet and sandals, the suspect headed South on Broadway Street."

Now, as you can see from the photos they got of him, this is a person you won't soon forget if you see him around town. It's as if someone jumped RIGHT off the "People of WalMart" website, and robbed a bank.

He was wearing a helmet, what looks like a pair of tighty-whiteys pulled up across part of his mouth, gloves, sweatpants, sandals... but the coup-de-gras... the brown shirt saying "Cleverly Disguised as an Adult."

"Cleverly Disguised" you are NOT sir. To my knowledge, NOBODY has EVER worn that combination of clothing in the history of mankind, unless it was to make a 2 a.m. run to K-Mart for frozen pizzas.

Photos provided by the Cassopolis Village Police Department.
Photos provided by the Cassopolis Village Police Department.

Now, you'd think with the helmet and gloves on, he might have been riding a motorcycle, or at least a moped to escape the robbery, but all accounts say he fled on foot, and that couldn't have been easy wearing those sandals. This man clearly had no intentions of a "fast" getaway from the bank.

Now, obviously, we need to stress that we're glad nobody was hurt in this incident, and we can only imagine what the tellers and employees of this bank were going through while it was happening.

But I can almost certainly tell you what their initial reaction was when a man dressed like this, walked up to the counter, demanding cash...


In all seriousness, though, this was a major crime, and the guy needs to be brought in. So, if you DO have any information on the man, please contact the Cass County Sheriff's Office Tip Line at (800) 462-9328.

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