The question is, can you use your cell phone while driving in Michigan? Yes and No. It's illegal to "text and drive" in Michigan, but, yes, you can still hold your phone and talk. However, maybe not for long.

The Detroit News reported that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday urged the Legislature to adopt a “hands-free” driving law that would prohibit motorists from using hand-held cellphones or other mobile electronic devices on Michigan roads. And, since Michigan already prohibits texting while driving, why not expand the law to include hand held talking? So many other states are banning the use of cell phones in cars, and it's only logical that Michigan joins in.

The Detroit News said legislation being introduced this week by Rep. Mari Manoogian, D-Birmingham, would ban hand-held mobile phone use while driving but make clear that motorists could still use the devices in a voice-operated mode or through integration with their car's user interface.

The proposal would also prohibit drivers from reading or posting to a social network while driving, watching video on a mobile device or wearing headphones in both ears to listen to music, video or other broadcasts.

Let's hope the legislature gets their act together and gets this done. We could save many lives...what a concept!

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