The Tanger outlet mall being planned for Byron Township hit a slowdown earlier this week.

The Byron Township Planning Commission discussed the proposed Tanger outlet mall last month. The board approved the project which then moved to the Byron Township Board for final approval on December 9.

Some neighboring businesses delayed planning after the township failed to issue them notices of the rezoning hearing. reports:

Owners of property in and around the location for the proposed mall are utilizing a seldom-used state law that mandates that townships must send letters to property owners and give a 15-day notice of a public rezoning hearing.

Byron Township Supervisor Audrey Nevins Weiss called the move a tactic to give those property owners more time to gather information on the traffic the mall may bring to the area.

The vote has been rescheduled for a meeting in January.

It's unfortunate that the project has been delayed due to a technicality, but the delay could have easily been avoided if the township had issued the proper notices.

The mall seems like a sure thing at this point, as traffic continues to be one of the major concerns. Here's hoping for fewer delays in the future.

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