Fire officials say no one was hurt in the Sunday morning blaze, and reminded everyone that this is the the time of the year to check your smoke detector's batteries.

It was a 'Fire Down Below' at the Seger house early Halloween morning.

Smoke detectors alerted the residents to a fire that had started in the walls of the house, and was quickly extinguished by West Bloomfield Township firefighters. Most of the damage came from firefighters having to rip open some walls to get at that fire.

No word if Bob was at the home, but someone was staying there, and they were not harmed by the minor fire.

"The homeowners were awoken by the alarm. They quickly discovered smoke coming from an outlet inside the residence," West Bloomfield Fire Marshall Byron Turnquist told WWJ Radio News. "They let dispatch know that there was smoke in the residence."

"The fire was primarily in the void spaces of the residence, so they had to open up wall and ceilings in order to get to the fire to extinguish it," Turnquist said.

He then added that this is a great opportunity for residents to check that their smoke alarms are in good working condition, and checking the batteries in them, because without the alarm, the residents of the home could have been in danger.

Seger and his wife, Juanita, completely rebuilt the West Bloomfield house, which sits on the shores of Upper Straits Lake, about ten years ago. According to, the 18,368-square-foot house has eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The estimated value, according to Zillow, is $9.6 million, which means the annual property taxes are worth more than my over $120,000.


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