Our long, cold winter left us itching to get outside.

Now, itching outside is exactly what we're doing.

The wet ground left behind by melting snow combined with a rainy, cool spring have created good conditions for mosquitoes to breed.

Mosquitoes are a pest, but they can also carry disease. Protecting yourself from mosquitoes is important.

WZZM 13 explains how we can limit the growth of the mosquito population.

If you want to hinder the mosquito population's growth, you need to eliminate standing water.

"You need to turn things over to drain it, explains [Jack] Den Uyl [of Mosquito Squad]. "Making sure slides, kids toys, and buckets are turned over to help reduce mosquito breeding." He says eves and troughs holding standing water need to be drained as well.

Mosquitoes also like to lay their eggs in areas that are damp, like under tarps, leaves, and wood piles. So removing those items can also help limit the mosquito population's growth.

You can also protect yourself from mosquito bites and the disease that can come with them with DEET. Although there has been conflicting information in recent years, DEET is safe to use.

A long, fun summer ahead, but it looks like we'll have a few unwelcome visitors with us.

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