The Ghostbusters aim to keep the world safe from specters, but it seems there's no fending off the ghosts of their own pasts.

A new installment of Ghostbusters, which will hit theaters next summer and star Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, will also find Bill Murray—who starred in the original 1984 film—among its cast, according to Entertainment Weekly. Murray played Dr. Peter Venkman, a street smart but conceited parapsychologist, in the movie and its 1989 sequel.

The site points out that Murray was initially hesitant to take part in the production, and said last year as part of a Ghostbusters 30th anniversary interview on Today that it's "really hard to recreate something that was so beautiful, so wonderful." Evidently, he's had a change of heart, and will join fellow original cast member Dan Aykroyd, who's also joined on to the production and has already shot a scene with Wiig.

The movie has also cast Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon as Wiig's and McCarthy's fellow ghostbusting teammates, Chris Hemsworth as the all-female team's secretary and Upright Citizens Brigade standout Neil Casey as a villain named Rowan. Ghostbusters will be also be remade a second time and feature another all-male team.

What do you think of the latest casting news? Share your thoughts on Murray's addition, and hang tight for the premiere next July!

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