Bigfoot sightings in Michigan are nothing new.

But now we know what Bigfoot likes to eat.

Bigfoot likes pizza.

Anthony Padilla first thought the creature he saw in Midland County, Michigan was a hunter. Now he believes that creature is Bigfoot.

Padilla has been leaving pizza boxes out for Bigfoot. has more:

Bigfoot enthusiast Matthew Smith is taking a harder look at the boxes that Padilla says Sasquatch has handled.

"He's rolling them up kind of making it look like there is a sign that it’s been there, I noticed a bunch of hair samples in the boxes and out of the boxes," said Smith.

Padilla and Smith say their investigation without police is leading them to more people with the same claims in Midland County. They are asking for help, information and hope for police cooperation.

It's not delivery, it's Bigfoot.

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