Well, it ain't high-brow...it's not even low-brow.

It's NO-brow.

What is it with putting pants on animals? Poodles and cats were weird enough, but now it seems more and more statues of animals are being dressed in silly-looking pants.

Case in point:

The moose in front of the Big Boy restaurant in St. Ignace has the usual statue of the Big Boy himself, but in front of him is a moose wearing the standard Big Boy checkered pants (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

This poor moose will probably suffer the ridicule of his fellow moose statues for years to come.

On the same block, just east of Big Boy and his embarrassed moose, is another moose. This one has the American flag painted on.....so it's somewhat more patriotic than wearing baggy checkered pants.

These two Roadside Michigan oddities are yours for the selfies. Many have already snapped themselves with these two meeses...how about you? Add this little quickie stop to your upper Michigan roadtrip!

(By the way, it worked on me....I stopped there and had a bite to eat.)