Whew, is it getting hot in here? Beyonce and Jay Z released the first part of 'Bang Bang,' their 'On the Run' short film trilogy, and man, is it sultry.

The black-and-white clip opens with a vintage shot of Beyonce, dressed as a jazz singer from yesteryear. She's gorgeous, confident and flawless in general, because it's Beyonce. Even the admiring stare of a handsome man (yep, that would be Jay Z), doesn't faze her.

But is it all just a fantasy? The camera cuts to a much more dressed-down Bey, staring wistfully out the window of a car as she drives down an interminable dirt road. Jay is riding shotgun and, speaking of which, there is notably a firearm on the dashboard. The two are clearly up to no good.

But what happens when they stop for a bite to eat? Will their identities become exposed? Will Beyonce and Jay Z continue to live on the run? Watch part one of their 'Bang Bang' trilogy in the video above!

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