This is crazy, Beltline Bar posted on their Facebook page Wednesday that around 6 am someone broken into the restaurant but didn't take anything.

According to the post, the intruder broke in through the stained glass window and set off the alarm when they entered the building. Apparently, they were only in the building for about 2 minutes and GRPD arrived on the scene within 5 minutes of the alarm going off. The post says that while the thief didn't get off with anything, the broken stained glass window and damage to the curbside to-go station was about $5,000 worth. They also say that police were able to collect evidence and video of the thief, which if you look in the comments of the post, they posted the video and you can see the guy try to take off with the register.

Police are looking for any information you may have regarding the break-in and Beltline Bar is offering a $500 reward, if you know anything, you can call Silent Observer at 616-774-2345 or do it anonymously through their website at

As for the secret "famous Wet Burrito" recipe which has been used in over 5 million burritos sold, and recently voted one of the "Top 5 Burritos in America", Beltline Bar and Restaurant Partners Management owner said In the Facebook post,

"Thankfully the famous wet burrito recipe was well secured and still remains a secret."

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