When the news that Disney was making a live-action Beauty and the Beast movie dropped, we all wondered one thing: how close was this version sticking to the original? Would the costumes look the same? Would the inanimate object characters be changed at all? Would there still be songs? From what we’ve seen, it looks like everything in this version, will look the same, just more realistic. Emma Watson’s Belle still has her blue-and-white outfit and gold layer cake dress, the Beast looks similar, if not a little more uncanny-valley, and Lumiere and Cogsworth look more or less like themselves, just with a few tweaks.

Today, Emma Watson debuted the teaser poster on her Facebook page, and it’s a total throwback to the original. If you recall, the 1991 movie poster featured the Beast and Belle dancing together, but in silhouette, with a burst of light coming from behind them. This poster looks so similar I’d accuse them of plagiarism if it wasn’t the same company remaking their own movie.

It’s a beautifully minimalist poster (a far cry from those almost stiflingly Baroque Lumiere and Cogsworth designs) and gives hope to any fans out there worried that the movie will be too unlike the original to be any fun. We’d love to see some new stuff added to the mix — and Belle’s character has already been updated for the better — but Beauty and the Beast is arguably the most believed Disney movie of all time, and it would be a shame if Disney rejected it completely and started from scratch. They didn’t do that with Cinderella, though, and it doesn’t look like they’ll do that here. Très fantastique! 

Beauty and the Beast opens in theaters March 17, 2017.

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