Wonderful ballpark food like this tasty sandwich, The Closer - two grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with nine different cheeses and adorned with candied bacon, is just waiting for you at the game.

Opening day for baseball is just around the corner and we're getting set for another year of the good old "summer pastime."

We're also getting ready to his the concessions, right? Ah, nothing better than baseball park food. The Whitecaps always have a food creation contest that let's fans vote in a new addition to the menu. It's always good, and usually not to weird, but major league ballparks are another story.

Let's face facts: this is America and disgusting food makes everything better. And, it always seems better at a ballpark.

Ranker.com has come up with their greatest food abominations in the MLB. Some of these are totally weird, like Rocky Mountain oysters at Coor's Field,  or bacon on a stick.


In case you don't know, Rocky Mountain Oysters do not come from the sea; they come from under a bull.

There is plenty more weirdness in the ballparks concessions. CLICK HERE to see them all.