Social media is everywhere.  And growing.

Social media can provide of wealth of knowledge, but it also has many pitfalls.

At what age is it OK to begin using social media?

Facebook's official age requirement is 13, but many find ways to get around this through the help of others or on their own.

13 might be an appropriate age for some, but many are not ready around this age. says:

Just because Facebook and Twitter are hot social networking hubs for people to find friends and families, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for ‘tweens.

“I believe children younger than 13 should be networking and communicating with their friends through after-school activities, not through Facebook,” said Darlene J. Mech, Ph.D., licensed psychologist.

My oldest child is 6, so I'm not expecting social media to enter the picture for a number of years.  Although my kids may have other ideas.

Maturity is always more important than age, but as a general guideline, which age group do you feel is the best for beginning to use social media?

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