There have been a handful of ArtPrize entries loved by both art professionals and the public over the years, Kate Gilmore's "Higher Ground" is one of those. The entry won the Juried Grand Prize at ArtPrize Seven.

The popular entry has had its pink siding removed.

With the pink siding gone, the drive down US-131 looks a little different now. No more quick reminders of ArtPrize Seven as you drive through Grand Rapids. The change is one of many at Rumsey Street as SiTE:LAB prepares for ArtPrize Eight.

The video of the deconstruction of the house used for Gilmore's "Higher Ground" is a bit sad for fans, but SiTE:LAB views it as a move forward.

What's coming this fall?

SiTE:LAB gives few clues on their Facebook page:

Some very interesting collaborations upcoming in 2016... that's all we will say for now.

No ideas yet, but whatever SiTE:LAB brings to ArtPrize this fall is sure to be among the highlights of the competition.

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