There's an entry at ArtPrize 10 that you may be a part of without even knowing it. Artist Megan Constance Altieri has been listening to conversations for a couple of years and is now sharing fragments of those conversations for all to hear.

Sonder has been getting noticed by the public. It has landed on the Top 25 leaderboard in the installation category. It's hard to not spend time with this entry.

Altieri has taken parts of those overheard conversations and printed them onto clothing which closely matches the clothes worn by the person speaking.

Many of the statements are interesting. Some are relatable. Some are sad. With the article of clothing as your guide, you'll find yourself trying to imagine what the speaker looked like, but how do the clothes relate to the identity of the speaker?

Altieri's artist statement says, "Viewing these articles collectively challenges our capacity for empathy, curiosity, and awareness of others."

See Sonder outside of the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

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