The best of ArtPrize 2012 have been decided, so let's start a new debate.

Which ArtPrize entries are the best ever?

Remembering all of the thousands of entries over the first four years of ArtPrize is impossible, but we all have our favorites.  I'm not an "expert", but I am a huge fan of ArtPrize.

Check out my ArtPrize All Time Top 5, then give me YOUR Top 5!



5 - "Field of Reeds" by John Powers Douglas, ArtPrize 2009

This piece may be best remembered for being right next to the first winner of ArtPrize, Ran Ortner's "Open Water no.24", at the Old Federal Building in 2009.  Either that, or it's constant squeaking and creaking.


4 - "Vision" by David Spriggs by David Spriggs, ArtPrize 2010

Pictures/video do no justice to most art.  That is very true in the case of "Vision".  In person, "Vision" was breathtaking.


3 - "Untitled no. 1 (from the peculiar manifestation of paint in my everyday life)" by Jennifer Cronin, ArtPrize 2011.


Creepy.  This painting didn't get the votes and attention that many others have, but it's a memorable entry.  Check out some more of Jennifer Cronin's work, including another in her "...peculiar manifestation..." series of paintings.







2 - "Mr. Weekend" by Mike Simi, ArtPrize 2012

"Mr. Weekend" was a giant talking sock puppet.  The jurors liked him.  My kids found him to be a bit scary.  So did some adults.  "Mr. Weekend" gets a reaction from most.  Some find him funny.  Some find him sad.


1 - "Salt & Earth (2009)" by Young Kim, ArtPrize 2009

"Salt & Earth (2009)" was a pleasant surprise.  The venue was close to everything downtown, but easily missed due to construction projects.  Once you did find it, you couldn't walk away.  In fact, it was so good, it was given a surprise $5,000 award.

Young Kim returned with another salt/clay entry at GRAM in 2010.  It finished in the Top 10, but it's Young Kim's 2009 entry that will stick with many.


What are your all time ArtPrize favorites?