Rockford High School graduate Ginger Zee will be in West Michigan this weekend.  She is being inducted into the Rockford High School Hall of Fame.

Zee will also be working.

Ginger Zee is the weekend meteorologist for Good Morning America.  Zee will be doing the forecast for Good Morning America from ArtPrize this weekend.

Plans have changed since Zee's original announcement of broadcasting from GRAM.

On Facebook Zee announced:

West Michigan! Plans changing a me at 6:45 am at the Ford Museum to get on Good Morning America both Saturday and Sunday. GMA goes to ArtPrize! has more info on Zee's trip:

ArtPrize officials and the local ABC affiliates are coordinating Ginger's work responsibilities with a GMA crew from Chicago.

Rockford school officials are coordinating visits on Friday to Rockford schools where she meet children and high school students.

Barring any major news or extreme weather, like a hurricane, tornado or countless other scenarios that require her attention, Ginger will arrive Thursday night.

Exciting to see more national attention for ArtPrize!


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