Have you ever gotten yourself all "prettied up" for a photograph and once the photo was taken you've asked yourself, "What just happened there?"  You didn't look anything like you did when you looked at yourself in the mirror.  And then there are other times when your hair is a mess, you might be all sweaty, and you don't have any make up on but you think, "You know, I look kind of cute."
I ask you this because in a recent marathon some random guy happened to be photographed and has now been dubbed "The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy." See if you can spot him!
THOSE are the kind of photos WZZM 13 wants to see, not posed, but spur of the moment, candid,  you looking cute.  If you have any of those photos that come to mind send them to pix@wzzm13.com.
They are putting a gallery together and they will be posted on the WZZM13 website.