Last week, I asked the question, "Would you stay in a grain bin in Indiana for $100 a night?" And, surprisingly, people enthusiastically answered, "Yes!" Now, the grain bin had been remodeled to act as an Airbnb stay. So, it's not like people were just sleeping in an old, dirty building. Check out the pictures below:

However, thanks to Jared P., I also learned that there might be an apartment in Allegan that also resides in an old silo. He said,

In allegan, there is a legit old school silo that is an apartment. So like 3-4 stories up from what I can remember

Sure enough, a quick Google search led me right to it. Take a look :

Yes, There's An Actual Apartment in This Old Silo in Allegan

This is definitely one of the most unique apartments you'll see today.

Currently, at least according to, this apartment is not available to rent. But, you can find the full listing here and set up alerts in case it does become available in the near future.

This isn't the first unique property to be located in Allegan. There was, at least at one time, a listing for a bowling alley that could also act as a residential home:

You Could Own & Live In This Allegan Bowling Alley

It's recently been made public that the owners of the Snowden Sunset Lanes building are now looking to sell the bowling alley in the hopes that the business can once again thrive under new ownership.

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