Are you a fan of picking up random trash when you come across it on the side of the road or in the middle of the woods? Well, that's a little weird if you aren't being forced to clean up by the order of some sort of court, but we won't judge. However, the Allegan County Sheriff's Department would like to remind you that you shouldn't pick up meth trash.

You're probably asking yourself, "WTF is 'meth trash'?" We get that, it's a confusing term (and not the actual term used by the sheriff's department, but it's fitting so we're using it.) Meth trash is the bottles and cans that meth makers use when cooking meth.

They look a little something like this:

Here in the great state of Michigan, you can return those bottles and cans for money at grocery stores, but if the they look like they were probably used for meth, it's not worth the ten cents.

Components remaining in these can become dormant when discarded and then when picked up, the ingredients mix again and can create toxic fumes or leak through the brittle containers creating safety concerns. We often see these items being returned to local retailers and/or brought into homes creating a larger mess.

So, while we appreciate you wanting to make our Earth a cleaner place, be sure that you're not accidentally touching things that were probably used to cook drugs.


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