How to command a stage 101: be Adele.

Adele took the stage at the Palace in Auburn Hills for two hours on Tuesday night, September 6. She opened with "Hello," then connected with the crowd all night while talking about her songs and the stories and relationships behind them, and a little bit of everything else. Adele's powerful vocals were as perfect as ever.

The concert was originally scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m., but was pushed back to 8 give people more time to get around road construction projects in the area. It was shortly after 8:20 p.m. before the show finally began, but it proved to be worth the wait. There was no opening act.

Adele took a lot of time between songs to talk with the crowd. She said she had some nerves last night and that's something that doesn't happen much anymore, but the nerves were a good thing.

She talked about her time in Michigan including the mosquito bites she got on Monday and the last time she was here and performed at Royal Oak Music Theatre.

She brought a pair of fans on stage. The fans turned out to be an attorney and a judge. The judge's name was Judy. It wasn't THAT judge Judy, but provided an easy opportunity for some fun.

Adele posed for photos for fans and talked with them throughout the show. She was excited to meet a fan from Hastings, she said, "we have a Hastings in England too!"

No topic was off limits. Adele demonstrated a move she learned at a hip hop dance class. She also referenced Zoolander and explained her obsessive love for Allison Krauss.

Adele entertained the crowd all night with her sometimes long stories, but the music and her voice remained the highlight.

The set list provided no surprises. She played all of the big hits you would expect to hear: Hello, Set Fire to the Rain, Chasing Pavements, Rumour Has It, Someone Like You, Rolling in the Deep and more. Million Years Ago was a highlight.

Adele encouraged the crowd to get up and dance whenever a song's tempo provided an opportunity, while admitting that she didn't have many songs that are well-suited for dancing.

The sound was good even from my nosebleed, side stage seats, although maybe a little heavy on the bass at times. Even those side stage seats weren't too bad and seats in the back of the Palace wouldn't be either. Adele split time between two stages, one in front and another in the center of the arena, providing a good view for all.

Good luck finding a bad review of this show. The only complaint I heard all night came from a girl complaining about the lack of a good wifi connection as about 20,000 Adele fans raced for the exits after the final song.

Adele puts on a very entertaining show. Her banter helps to balance out what could become a depressing show given the heavy lyrics featured in almost every song, but it's her flawless vocals, ability to perform and emotional connection with the songs that make Adele a world class performer.

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