Adele's biggest hits tend to soundtrack her fans' heartbreaks, or their bittersweet nostalgia over a romance lost. But at the kickoff of her international tour on Monday night (February 29), she helped bring two people together...FOREVER.

The singer launched her tour in Belfast, Ireland, on Leap Day. Contrary to my assumption that all Leap Day customs were invented for 30 Rock's infamous "Leap Dave" episode from 2012, some do actually exist. According to Irish folklore — and, as Billboard points out, the movie Leap Year starring Amy Adams — February 29's the magical day when a woman's allowed to propose to a man. As everybody knows, when a gal tries it on any other day she instantly crumbles into a pile of shame-dust (if she doesn't get thrown in Gender Role Jail first!). So a concertgoer named Hayley, who was lucky enough to attend the tour's maiden date with her boyfriend Neil, knew she'd better make it count.

In the video below, Adele calls Hayley to the stage for an extremely public proposal opportunity, pointing her beloved Neil out in the crowd. And while I typically view proposal stunts as performative emotional extortion (because who's gonna say "no" in front of everyone?) at least Hayley tells Adele she'd already popped the question earlier offstage.

"And what did you say?" Adele asks Neil, who's still seated in the audience.

"He said maybe in a little while," Hayley confessed. Um. Oh.

Watch what happens after Neil is pressured by a couple thousand people, including one of the most popular recording artists in music history, in the video below. O, Leap Day romance!(?)

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