As part of her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowAdele pranked a group of Jamba Juice employees by masquerading as an aloof celebrity who is unable to navigate the world as a socially adept human being.

Equipped only with a purse full of objects planted by DeGeneres and an earpiece through which the talk show host could direct her speech or action, Adele entered the Los Angeles-area Jamba Juice -- shortly after her fake assistant requested that the staff treat her like a normal person.

This proved more difficult than it should've been, as Adele displayed the type of nightmarish customer behavior that causes service industry workers to jerk awake at night, covered in a thin film of cold sweat. She reached behind the glass casing separating customers from employees to break off a nice chunk of wheatgrass (which she then chewed on), she asked an employee to pour self-provided amaretto into her smoothie, requested they make her a large smoothie but fit it all into a small cup and even made cooing noises to impersonate a deer.

To their credit, the employees remained as professional as possible before a wave of relief passed over their faces once Adele announced it was all a joke.

DeGeneres often revels in torturing customer service workers by sending celebrities into stores under the guise of a hidden camera prank. She gets said celebrities to act either self-important or bizarrely out-of-touch with reality, and it admittedly makes for entertaining television as a helpless employee looks on, smiling blankly, unable to talk back or walk away.

Check out Adele pranking Jamba Juice employees in the video above.

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