What in the world is an ampersand?

You mean you didn't learn that in school?  An ampersand, or, "&”, is a logogram representing the word "and.”

But, it’s also the title of a new play by Seattle playwright Vincent Delaney, opening next Thursday night, March 22snd, on the Actors Theatre stage at Spectrum Theater.
Director Randy Wyatt, and theater program director at Aquinas College, says "it's about marriage and relationships; it’s me and you. Who am I when I’m with you?”  Having just won a national comedy award for a play, Actors Theater is very excited to do this show.

"Ampersand" revolves around the concept of successful human cloning in a classical farce style.

Katherine and Marlowe’s marriage is in a rut.  Marlowe is an unemployed whiner, and despite her best efforts to make it work, Katherine, a geneticist, clones herself so that Marlowe can practice being a better husband. Then the fun 'really' begins when Marlowe falls in love with “Kate,” the clone.

Then, Katherine can’t help but clone Marlowe, twice. Soon the whole "gang" fly to Switzerland.  You can probably follow it from here.  There are cases of mistaken identity, humiliation and quick exits, and a lot of classical farce, door slamming fun.

It's great theater in Grand Rapids from Actors Theater, a top company on the Grand Rapids Theater scene.

Performances are at 8 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, March 22-31, GRCC Spectrum Theater, 160 Fountain Street NE.

Tickets are $24, General Public, $20 students.  You can call the Spectrum Theater Box Office, 234-3946, and get them on-line at atgr.org.