It's difficult to keep up with new products coming out in the tech world.  Once you buy your new "gadget, it's out-of-date.

No, seriously, I think we all feel that way.  Get the latest computer, iPad, book-reader, smart phone, etc., and the next newest and greater model is but a few months away.

I find myself trying to read-up on the newest gadgets, and here's one that I spotted from eyewear company, Oakley, that blew me away.

The Oakley Airwave, skiing goggles, are taking information to new heights.  They are said to have a fighter pilot-style screen on the inside of the lens, which displays your speed, location, altitude and distance traveled.

Okay, that's cool, however, they also come equipped with the ability to connect to a smartphone with an earpiece so you can talk on your phone...err...goggles.  And, if that's not enough, text messages or emails can be beamed straight onto the screen in front of your eyes.

And, I thought you went skiing to get away from things and have fun.

Actually, they're very cool, and for the better skiers, this will really up their game.