The scariest part about Halloween isn't the ghosts or the clowns, it's finding something in your child's Halloween candy that should not be there.

NBC 25 News reports that a 10-year-old girl from Flushing (Genesee County) bit into a Tootsie Roll when she discovered a needle was inside of it.

When you're not distracted by the fact that this Tootsie Roll looks like poop, you can see the needle sticking out at the end of one of the pieces.

Thankfully, the girl was not injured but the candy was turned over to the police who confirmed that it was a sewing-type needle. MLive says that the child's mother doesn't know where the candy came from because they went to a lot of different houses while trick-or-treating.

Parents are advised to check their children's candy for anything suspicious or dangerous and report it. In Michigan, a person can face up to 10 years in prison for tampering with food.

Also terrifying, heroin was found in a child's Halloween bag in West Virginia while meth was found in Wisconsin over the weekend.

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