Anyone else's skin crawling already by just the thought?

We are going to start off this conversation by stating right now, this is not some unbiased information about stink bugs because I HATE these things.

They are so damn creepy looking. Are they some shrunken descendants of dinosaurs? They just have this crazy armor, these crazy bodies, creepy antennas and, oh yeah, they can fly!

As we are moving from fall to winter, you may be noticing more of these creatures from Hell descending upon your home and finding any way they can inside.

What makes these bugs even worse is that you can't just grab a flip flop or a fly swatter or something and squish them because they are not called "stink" bugs for nothing! They even have different scents that they ~secrete~ which just that work or that action alone is enough for you to know how horrible they are.

Recently, my boyfriend Jordan, his family and I were talking about stink bugs and we got curious as to when they even first got here. Based on their prehistoric-looking bodies, you would think they had been here for a while but let me tell you, as a child I NEVER thought stink bugs would be as big of a pain in my adult life as they are.

Then we found out that they haven't even been in Michigan all-that long...So, let's dive in and get up close and get up close and personal with these tiny demons:

7 Things To Know About Stink Bugs

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