Oh Craigslist, you almost never disappoint. You can use Craigslist to buy and sell all sorts of things, reconnect with someone that you had a random encounter with, and you can also get rid of the random crap that you don't want anymore.

Browsing through the "free" section of Grand Rapids' Craigslist today, I came across some pretty weird, random stuff.

  • This Box of Rocks

    Apparently the box is heavy, and also they seemingly want to keep the box itself so you'll need to "bring another box or pail or some thing [sic]."

  • This Christmas Tree With Lights That May or May Not Work

    April is the perfect time to start replenishing your supply of Christmas decorations! (Or something...) How about this 6-foot tall tree with a wooden base? It's also pre lit, but the seller apparently doesn't have electricity or is too lazy to test it out, and therefor doesn't know if they work or not.

  • This Terrifying Looking Rooster

    Why is it that every time we look at Craigslist's free section, someone is trying to get rid of a rooster?!? Does it wake up its owners too early in the morning? Does it not get along with the other chickens? Is it because it looks like it wants to murder you? We have questions. Anyway, this one is a "Ameraucana Rooster", it lives in Newaygo, and you can have it for free.

  • This Broken Snow Shovel

    Theoretically, we've all been able to put our snow shovels away for the season (though, this is Michigan, so who knows?) If you need to add one to your collection, this one with a crack in it can be yours at the low, low cost of $0.00

  • This Chunk of Cement That Can Actually MAKE You Money

    Well, this one is a little tricky. It's a giant chunk of cement that goes about two feet down into the dirt. If you want it, it's yours, but you're gonna need a "couple people or machine" to get it out of the ground. The nice part? If you can successfully dislodge it from the ground and get it out of this person's yard, they say they'll give you $5.