A 36-room hotel planned for Detroit has a unique twist.

It's made out of shipping containers.

Detroit Collision Works is the name of a 36-room hotel being developed in Detroit. The project has two phases.

The first phase, "First Container: Collision Works Story Box", is being built thanks to hundreds of supporters on Kickstarter.

The next phase, Detroit Collision Works, is the 36-room hotel made out of shipping containers.

The map below show the locations.



It will take the cooperation of many to make this project a reality.  Kickstarter.com lists a few of those responsible:

  • Eastern Market Corporation has offered prime real estate outside Shed 5 for a six month demonstration
  • Integrity Builders Group of Detroit will handle the construction
  • SG Blocks will provide the containers, engineering, and all box transportation
  • KOOP AM (Architects) is designing how it all works, what’s inside, and drew these pictures we are already looking at.

I think it's a fun idea and would love to stay once the project is complete.

Learn why Detroit Collision Works is being called "the most important hotel in America".

Would you stay in a shipping container hotel?

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