There's no time to rest after you scarf down more turkey than you thought could fit in your belly. Black Friday is coming.

Scores of stores will offer the now-traditional sales and rock bottom prices on everything from TVs to tents, sweaters to speakers. If you're not sure where -- or more importantly, when -- you should head out to the store of your choice, here's a look at the hours major retailers around the country will open for business, as well as a look at some of the more notable deals you can find.

Don't east so much you can't move because many stores will open Thursday night to give consumers a jump on the pivotal holiday shopping season.

Black Friday 2016 is expected to be a big winner, too. Pundits predict there will be more than $3 billion in sales, a nearly 12% jump from 2015 (although that's not clear if that's taking online transactions into account).

Traditional in-store shopping is expected to drop 3.5% from last year, continuing a trend. For instance, 147 million went out during the Thanksgiving weekend in 2012, but that figure dipped to 102 million in 2015. The good news? Maybe, just maybe, that means parking won't be so hard to find.

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