Advertising of a bygone era has had many campaigns and mascots that would be considered at least politically incorrect, if not downright racist, today. This obscure Faygo Red Pop commercial from 1979 depicts actor Jamie Farr as a Native American chief introducing his tribe to the soda.

The commercial opens with Farr sharing, in the tradition of a Native American creation myth the story of how Faygo began. "A long time ago" the commercial's story begins, the Great Spirit Faygo drops Red Pop from the sky in The Gods Must Be Crazy-style. In that movie, a soda bottle is thoughtlessly tossed from an airplane and is found by an 'uncontacted' group of people.

Red Pop, the spot goes on, would make a great drink for the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving.

Finally, Diet Red Pop is touted as a perfect solution for a more portly Native America, called 'Running Pudgy.'

My, how times have changed.

Take a look at the commercial from Faygo that could never air today.

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