Big Brother fan favorite Zingbot returns to the Big Brother house tonight!

A few hilarious and possibly cringe-worthy moments await, but it's unlikely anything Zingbot has to say will top Elissa's zing to Aaryn.

Tonight's appearance of Zingbot will provide something that has been missing from this sometimes too-serious-feeling season of Big Brother...humor.

It will be a welcome visit, but likely will not be as memorable as Elissa's game over the past week.

With her back against the wall and eviction a real possibility, Elissa has turned things around and provided us with a couple of the most memorable moments of Big Brother 15.

Her save of herself from falling during the Head of Household competition was easily the most athletic move during any competition this season and one of the best of ANY season.


She also had one of the best lines of the season.  It was featured on CBS on August 25.

Aaryn told the diary room that she was going to "offer Elissa the entire world to keep myself off the block".

Elissa wasn't buying it.

As Aaryn was pleading her case and explaining how badly she wants to stay in the Big Brother house, Elissa asked:

You want to be here so bad to play the game for Amanda?


Elissa completely saw through Aaryn's game and the look on Aaryn's face was priceless.

Game over?

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