ABC has moved 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' from midnight to 11:35pm bringing on another round of late-night TV wars.

The battle among Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel will be fun to watch.  There are others too.

Who is your favorite late-night TV host?

Jimmy Kimmel's show looks about the same at 11:35pm as it did at 12:05am.  I like his show and am happy to see him provide some competition for Leno and Letterman.

The battle for my personal favorite comes down to Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon.  When Fallon was on 'Saturday Night Live' I was not a fan of his.  Fallon's habit of ruining skits by laughing was funny the first time, but not the dozens of times after that.

I didn't miss Fallon when he left SNL and it was months before I saw his show.  When I finally did see it, I was pleasantly surprised.  My kids are fans too.

I do most of my late night TV show watching via DVR.  I saw a semi-regular skit on Fallon's show called 'Models & Buckets'.  I showed it to my kids and they loved it.

Models & Buckets

'Models & Buckets' is like 'Deal or No Deal' with a few changes:

  • Instead of briefcases, the models have buckets.
  • Instead of dollar amounts, the buckets contain a variety of things like:  maple syrup, creamed corn, melted ice cream, and if you're lucky...$100.
  • Whichever bucket a player chooses gets dumped on their head.

We now play 'Models & Buckets' at home with beach buckets filled with toys.  Turns out Matchbox cars dumped onto your head can be surprisingly painful.  See a video of the real version below.

Almost every late night show is producing some funny stuff, but I find Jimmy Fallon's to be the most consistently fun and creative.