The Top 10 brings a lot of discussion and debate from ArtPrize fans.  This year is no different.

Now that ArtPrize is in it's fifth year, we have even more to debate.

Which year of ArtPrize has had the strongest Top 10?

Which year of ArtPrize has had the weakest Top 10?

Let's refresh our memories a little first with a list of each year's Top 10.

2009 - 2012 are listed in order of finish.



  • "Open Water no.24 - by Ran Ortner
  • "Imagine That!" by Tracy Van Duinen
  • "Portraits" by Eric Daigh
  • "The Grand Dance" by David Lubbers
  • "Moose" by Bill Secunda
  • "Nessie on the Grand" by The Nessie Project
  • "Field of Reeds" by John Douglas Powers
  • "The Furniture City Sets the Table for the World of Art" by Sarah Grant
  • "Ecstasy of The Scarlet Empress" by Jason Hackenwerth
  • "winddancer 2" by Michael Westra


  • "Cavalry, American Officers, 1921" by Chris LaPorte
  • "Svelata" by Mia Tavonatti
  • "Lure/Wave" by Beili Liu
  • "A Matter of Time" by Paul Baliker
  • "Vision" by David Spriggs
  • "Helping mom one penny at a time" by Wander Martich
  • "Dancing With Lions" by Bill Secunda
  • "salt & earth (garden for Patricia)" by Young Kim
  • "SteamPig" by The Steam Pig Experiment
  • "Elephant Walk" by Fredrick Prescott


  • "Crucifixion" by Mia Tavonatti
  • "The Metaphorist Project" by Tracy Van Duinen
  • "Rain" by Lynda Cole
  • "President Gerald Ford Visits ArtPrize" by Sunti Pichetchaiyakul
  • "Rusty: A Sense of Direction/Self Portrait" by Ritch Branstrom
  • "Grizzlies on the Ford" by Llew "Doc" Tilma
  • "The Tempest II" by Laura Alexander
  • "Ocean Exodus" by Paul Baliker
  • "Under Construction" Robert Shangle
  • "Mantis Dreaming" by Bill Secunda


  • "Elephants" by Adonna Khare
  • "Song of Lift" by Martijn van Wagtendonk
  • "Rebirth of Spring" by Frits Hoendervanger
  • "Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Unwavering pertinacity; perserverence" by Richard Morse
  • "Lights in the Night" by Mark Carpenter and Dan Johnson
  • "Life in Wood" by Dan Heffron
  • "Origami" by Kumi Yamashita
  • "The Chase" by Artistry of Wildlife
  • "Return to Eden" by Sandra Bryant
  • "City Band" by Chris LaPorte


  • “Dancing with Mother Nature” by Paul Baliker
  • “Polar Expressed” by Anni Crouter
  • “Botanical Exotica a Monumental Collection of the Rare and Beautiful" by Jason Gamrath
  • “Taking Flight” by Michael Gard
  • “Earth Giant” by Benjamin Gazsi
  • “Tired Pandas” by Nick Jakubiak
  • “Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore” by Ann Loveless
  • “Myth-or-Logic” by Robin Protz
  • “Uplifting” by Andy Sacksteder
  • “Finding Beauty in Bad Things: Porcelain Vine" by Fraser Smith

2010 was the strongest year for me.

"Vision" by David Spriggs and "Lure/Wave" by Beili Lui both lead the way for me.  Young Kim's entry was among my favorites of 2010 too.

2011 and 2013 are the weakest years to me.

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