Getting a new phone, computer, or TV is fun.  Kids think so too.

The problem is that sometimes kids' curiosity about that new, expensive, household toy ends in disastrous results.

What's the most expensive thing that your kids have broken?

We have many broken toys at our house.  Our 4-year-old boy sees to it.

He regularly runs crash tests to determine which of his toys has the most durable plastic.  There is always a loser.

We also have a few toys that are only "broken" because we don't replace the batteries in them.  (But that's different and will be our little secret.)

As far as major damage, we've been far.

Our 2-year-old recently emptied our salt & pepper shakers onto our Nook.  Fortunately, salt and pepper brush off pretty easily.  Apple juice would have been another story.

I think every parent has similar stories of disasters or near disasters.  What are yours?