The best TV shows don't always last the longest.  Sometimes a great show gets cancelled too soon, then again, there are some shows that just can't get cancelled soon enough.

But TV show beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  That corny 80s sitcom you can't stand, is someone else's favorite retro show.  That trashy reality TV show that you would never think of watching, is someone else's favorite nighttime getaway.

What TV show do you hate to admit that you love?

My choice is easy.  'Big Brother'.  The backstabbing, the strategizing, Dan's red shirt...I know the show has absolutely no value in society, but I still enjoy watching it.  Maybe that's why.  It's a mindless escape.

As far as retro shows go, Three's Company is always funny.  How many times can the same Mr. Furley-misunderstands-something-he-hears-through-the-wall-gag be funny?  Answer:  every time.

Whether it's an old show or a new one, it's time to fess up.

What TV show do you hate to admit that you love?