Earlier this week, all of us were shocked at the stories and pictures from that awful wreck near South Haven in Van Buren County.

A drunk driver killed a 24-year-old mother and her 2 and 4-year old children; the father of the kids is still in critical condition at a GR hospital.

The drunk driver was David Johnson.  No license.  Totally inebriated.  Now, he not only has the death of two little girls to live with the rest of his life, but rightfully will be facing a long list of criminal charges.

From WOODTV.com:

David Glen Johnson also face three counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing death, three counts of operating with a suspended license causing death, operating while intoxicated causing serious injury and operating while intoxicated causing death.

Editorial: do we even need a trial?

To be fair, it sounds like the two little girls weren't in baby seats and their mom had a suspended license, too.

Plenty of blame and judgment to go around on this one, but it doesn't change the tragic fact that three people including two little girls are dead.