West Michigan has hosted a number of films in recent years.

West Michigan beaches, restaurants, and breweries have all been featured in those films.

Now you can see exactly what was filmed where, with a new map from the Pure Michigan Film Office. 

The Pure Michigan Film Office's new map can be a lot of fun!

It seems everyone has a story about a film shot in West Michigan.  Maybe you know someone in a film, had to take a detour because a film was being shot, or saw an actor out in public somewhere.

I remember watching 50 Cent and crew blow out the windows at MadCap Coffee downtown.  I'm just glad it was only make believe.  Love MadCap's coffee!

The new map makes remembering those moments a little easier.

The map might help inspire a new road trip.  It may also help you identify some familiar-looking locations you've seen in films shot around West Michigan.

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