I don't think I've ever met a dog so happy about being in a bathtub.

I mean, I've seen dogs that LOVE the water, but still hate having to be in the tub, so I was a little shocked to come across this video that showcases how much Lena the Rottweiler loves being in the shower. 

Her owner explained Lena's behavior on her YouTube page:

Everyone that knows our Rottie Lena knows she LOVES the water & even more to take showers! If you don't close the bathroom door she WILL get in with you! This is right after I got out of the shower & she hoped in and didn't want to get out.. Then topped off with a kiss from our permanent foster Blu. All our rottweilers have loved the water but not as much as this one does!

If I lived there, I would be sure to double check if the door was locked before hopping in the shower. I love dogs, but I don't really need to shower with one.