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Workday Dog Break: Dog Blows Bubbles In The Pool
It's no big secret that I'm a big fan of furry creatures, especially ones with wagging tails.
If you share my enthusiasm for dogs, I hope you enjoy the occasional "Workday Dog Break" videos that I post.
Meet Diesel!  He blows bubbles in the pool on command...
Tom Cook’s Workday Dog Break
Hahaha! I have so much fun looking for dog videos to share with you. And on Friday's, I like to post ones that I find extra amusing or cute.
So today, I want you to meet Drake!  Drake seems to have problems waking up every morning (something to which I can relate)...
Tom Cook’s Workday Dog Break
Since it's almost the end of the week, you may need a short dance break.  In which case, I invite you dance with Harley while he shakes to the song "Shake That..." (The song lyric does have an NSFW word in it, so watch at low or no volume if you're at work...
Tom Cook’s Workday Dog Break
We were teased with warmer weather on Monday, which really gave everyone spring fever.  So today's "workday dog break" features Boris, a mix that LOVES diving into a pool to get his tennis ball.
And at this point, I'm pretty sure ALL of us wish it were warm enough to …
Tom Cook’s “Workday Dog Break”
Aside from the fact I get to watch dog videos and share them with you, I'm liking that some of these show warm weather and springtime.
With that in mind, today's "dog break" features a HUGE Alaskan Malamute named Loki.  This video shows Loki and his owner Torianna pla…
Tom Cook’s “Workday Dog Break”
Ugh, it's Monday.  Always tough to get focused and be productive, no matter what the weather is like.  So hopefully some doggie cuteness will cheer you up.
Today's "dog break" features a dog that knows how to Skype! His name is Gaytor, a wire haired fox terrier..…
Tom Cook’s “Workday Dog Break”
Today's "dog break" is a little closer to the reality of the last several months.  It's a video of two dogs sliding down an icy hill.  The first one gets pretty good velocity!  The second one seems heavy enough to break through.
Although I am concerned for the joints and bones of dog #1 who…
Tom Cook’s Workday Dog Break
Here's a fun "dog break" for the day.  It a video of a dog who is around the pool with his humans; when one human gets near the edge of the pool, the dog pushes them in.
Not only does it show an enthusiastic happy black lab, it shows summertime in a pool, so there's a…
Tom Cook’s “Workday Dog Break”
Happy Friday!  I found a really neat "dog break" to share today.  This one comes from Central Pennsylvania and features a beautiful Golden Retriever named Jackson!  Jackson was adopted from a shelter and a TV station picked up the story as his new owner was training …
Tom Cook’s “Workday Dog Break”
Here's another dog video that will make you smile.  It's feeding time for 6 golden retriever puppies!
(There are few things that bother me from a behavior standpoint -both dog and human, but it's good for cuteness!)
Tom Cook’s “Workday Dog Break”
Today's Workday Dog Break features a Husky named, well, Husky.  Husky likes sitting on a sofa with his head on the seat cushion and his butt propped up on the back cushion.  Looks uncomfortable to us, but whatevs!  It's cute!

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