Should Grand Rapids Decriminalize Marijuana? [Poll]
On September 14, Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell, along with other current and former city leaders, gathered together to show their support for Grand Rapids' Proposal 2.
Proposal 2 would decriminalize the use and possession of marijuana in Grand Rapids.
There are also many who don't supp…
Michigan Can Now Print 4,000 Medical Marijuana Cards A Day
Reading this story sounds an awful lot like the State of Michigan has legally allowed the use of medical marijuana.  Am I the only one that is reading this story that way?  It's almost like. "We need to get more cards printed, more quickly, so people can legally be using the stuff without getti…
Genesee County Taking Hands Off Approach To Marijuana Dispensary
Reading this story sort of reminds me of prohibition days when alcohol was a big no, no!  Genesse County, here in Michigan is paving the way for majijuana in pretty much the same way.  There are signs inviting people with chronic pain and other health problems to visit Meme’s Green D…
Willie has to Sing For His Supper…so to speak!
Boy, the Judge sure likes Willie.
Last November, Willie Nelson was arrested after border control agents smelled a marijuana-like odor  (surprise, surprise) coming out of the singer’s tour bus, and then found the 77-year old in possession of six grams of the wacky tobacco.
Miley Cyrus Celebrates Her 18th Birthday With A Bong
Sources say this video was shot by "a friend".  All I have to say is no friend would ever do this to someone they cared about.  Wonder how much "the source" got for this video.  Apparently it is not "pot" she is smoking but salvia?…