$1 Million Lotto Ticket Sold in Muskegon
Buy a lottery ticket in Muskegon recently? Check your ticket!
Wood TV 8 reports that a Mega Millions ticket sold in Muskegon matched all five white balls drawn Friday, August 4.
Powerball Jackpot Surges To $310 Million Dollars
Just what lottery officials were hoping for...Super Big Jackpots!  Last night, no one matched all of the Powerball numbers and that means the jackpot grows again for Saturday night's drawing.  Michigan did have some 5 number winners but no one matched all the numbers...
Big Money! Big Money!
Sorry, I was channeling my inner Wheel of Fortune player with the headline. Chances are, I'll never be on Wheel Of Fortune.  And I'm okay with that.
But I wouldn't mind the big money part.  You too, I'd bet.  That's why we all buy lottery tickets...
Wyoming Man Quits Job and Wins $250,000 Lottery
David Brecker had a difficult decision to make but it's a good thing he followed his gut.  He needed to take the day off to visit Lansing to compete in a lottery drawing.  His boss refused to sign off on the day that he needed so he quit his job...
A House For A Lottery Winner.
Grand Rapids Parade of Homes continues this weekend. Chance to tour some very nice homes. Who doesn't enjoy home shopping. All it takes is money.
Check out this shack.
For those of us who play Lotto and Powerball, this is a rather blah weekend...

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