Laurenda Marie

Breakfast from the Heavens: Almond Joy Pancakes
By Laurenda Marie Bennett
Pancake Sunday was a tradition in my family. I looked forward to those mornings when my mother poured her homemade buckwheat batter onto a warm griddle. Yummmm.
I haven’t met a pancake I didn’t like, but over the years I’ve come to find my favorite.
So, what are my favorite p…
Smoothies Naturally: Blackberry Banana Chia Smoothie
By Laurenda Marie Bennett
I cannot get enough of fresh berries in the warmer months.
Oh, and smoothies. I can’t get enough of those either!
They are breakfast made easy. Or have one as a mid-day snack. Or enjoy one as a post-workout…
Sweet Treat: Double Dark Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Avocado
By Laurenda Marie Bennett
Double dark chocolate brownies with avocado.
Yes, you read that correctly: avocado! The avocado replaces butter in the recipe.
I hope you haven't left yet. These are also refined sugar and flour free.
Are you still here? ;)
I adapted this recipe from a fellow blogger. And l…
Irresistibly Delicious Appetizers: Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
By Laurenda Marie Bennett
One thing my husband, Dan, has a knack for is creating appetizers that are irresistibly delicious.
I’m talking finger-licking good.
I can’t label everything he makes as healthy, but these Crab Stuffed Mushrooms make the cut! They're loaded …
Serving Up Some Sweet Treats
By Laurenda Marie Bennett
Hello everyone! I’m Laurenda Marie Bennett, or Ren for short. I like to make mouth-watering recipes made from real, clean and nutrient-dense food. I share recipes and healthy living advice via my blog, Laurenda Marie.
Good health is extremely important to me, but yummy food i…