Michigan Ranked 10th in the U.S. for Drug Problems
We're used to Michigan making lots of "best of" lists, but this is one list where it would be better to not be in the top ten.
Wood TV 8 reports that Michigan is among the ten states with the biggest drug problems, according to Wallethub.
Michigan Cases of Meningitis Grow to 119
It's such a sad, and avoidable problem that we have here in Michigan.
Most of us, I think, are aware that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration are coordinating a multi-state investigation of meningitis among patients who had received steroid i…
Two New Breast Cancer Drugs Show Great Promise!
The thing about drugs, especially in the early trials, is how safe are they?  What are the potential side effects?  Do the benefits outweigh the risks?  What if you could take a breast cancer drug that would slow the progress of very advanced cases from becoming worse?  It would …
Coffee And Medication Don’t Always Mix
Coffee is one of my favorite drinks, especially in the morning.  There is nothing better than that first, hot cup of coffee in the morning.
How much do you drink a day?  Two, three, or more cups a day?  Well, if you're an average American adult, you drink about three cups of coffe…
States Scramble to Ban New Drugs Being Sold as Bath Salts
If the bathtub seems to be fastened to the ceiling or rubber ducky starts demanding an allowance, I think we might know what the problem is.
Intended to be snorted rather than bathed in, paranoia-inducing chemicals are being sold as bath salts to skirt drug laws...