TV Anchor Finds Dog in Hot Car. What did he do? [Video]
How many stories have we heard lately about children or animals left in a car on a hot day, with the windows rolled up and the car locked. Don't you know how dangerous that is?
A Denver news anchor does. His name is Kyle Clark and he works for TV9. He was out doing a report, and heard a dog cryi…
Mother Dog Finds a New Way to Get Her Pup Around [Video]
We have a lot of four-legged visitors to our studios. Each week, the Humane Society of West Michigan brings in a 'way-too-cute' four-legged critter, dog, cat, bunny, etc., for our Wet Nose Wednesday segment. We talk about the pet, the needs of the Humane Society, and more, to encourage pet…
Dog Takes Motorcycle Ride in his own Trailer [Video]
We have all taken our dogs for rides with us. I know our dog, Riley, loves to go anywhere we go. He happily hops in the back seat of the car, and off we go.
This guy does it a little differently because he doesn't use a car. He uses his motorcycle.

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