This week on Sunday Morning Townsquare, Paul speaks with:

  • Dr. Matthew Clark, The Clark Institute
  • Brian Parks, BL²END

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  • Dr. Matthew Clark, The Clark Institute

I'm joined by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Matthew Clark of The Clark Institue. We chat about how parents should talk to their children about the events in Newtown, Connecticut, what to say, what not to say, red flags in behavior that all of us may want to keep a look out for that may help prevent a similar event in the future, the effects video games may have on development and the ability for some to cope with reality, some of the main reasons a parent may bring their child to see him, some of the main reasons adults go for therapy, and more……..

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  • Brian Parks, BL²END

I'm also joined by BL²END's Brian Parks. Brian and I chat about their mission, how the seeds were planed for the organization, what each of the letters represents, how you can become a member, events they offer, and more…..

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