Okay, so I'm guilty of texting while driving.  You probably are too.  If not you, then your kids or grandkids, for sure. That's what makes this is a pretty decent idea.

The Iowa Department Of Transportation has created a "text blocking" app called TXTL8R.  It will be available by early 2014.

From CarInsurance.com:

Andrea Henry, a spokesperson with the Iowa DOT, says the app will temporarily disable text and phone capabilities once a car reaches 15 mph and respond to an incoming call or text with a message that the person is driving. The app also would allow parents to monitor driving habits and notify them if their teen deletes the app from his or her phone.

A third party will monitor all information generated by the app; Henry says the DOT will not have access to individual drivers' information.

The app will be free for any drivers aged 14-17.