Skunk sightings are growing in Grand Rapids.

Skunks are moving into new areas of Grand Rapids.

WZZM talked to Biologist Christopher Kemp to find out why. He says the expanding metropolitan area is pushing into skunk habitat and causing skunks to look for new places to live.

Kemp said, "skunks are infiltrating areas they have not been seen in before in really large numbers."

Skunks can harm lawns. Of course, they spray too.

If skunks are on your property sometimes simply waiting will work. Many times skunks will move on to another area after a week or two. If they have a den or young nearby the wait could be much longer.


The Wildlife & Natural History Museum at Michigan State University explains options to keep skunks off of your property.

  • Fencing: Keep sheds and outbuildings in good repair; tight fencing may exclude animals from gardens.
  • Trapping: Skunks can be trapped, but moving and removal from trap is difficult to do without animal spraying.
  • Repellents: Commercial animal repellents may be effective for crop plants and small building spaces; dog or human urine may also discourage entry.

View Michigan regulations on hunting skunk.

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