Many students and families prepared for warm and sunny spring break trips by making a few trips to a tanning salon.

A proposed law would make it illegal for minors to use a tanning salon in Michigan.

Should minors be allowed to use tanning salons?

Michigan law currently allows minors to use tanning salons with parental permission.  The new bill would completely restrict minors from using tanning salons. has more:

Currently 30 other states have restrictions for minors, but so far, only California and Vermont have completely banned minors from tanning salons.

The proposal in Michigan is putting tanning salon owners and skin specialists at odds.

All the beds are full this time of year at Island Rays Tanning and Travel in Greenville; 25 percent of users are under age 18.

"Most of the parents are trying to prevent their kids from being sunburned," said Owner Chris Pelfrey.

Many skin specialists see the bill as a necessary change.

Are the risks of tanning too big to allow minors to use tanning beds? reports:

FDA is particularly concerned about children and teens being exposed to UV rays. Intermittent exposures to intense UV radiation leading to sunburns, especially in childhood and teen years, increase the risk of melanoma, according to NCI.

FDA believes that limiting sun exposure and using sunscreen or sunblock are particularly important for children since these measures can prevent sunburn at a young age.

NCI reports that women who use tanning beds more than once a month are 55 percent more likely to develop melanoma.

Who should have the final say:  government, parents, or minors?

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